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GPU Mining Primecoin with the mtrlt reaperprime miner

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So I decided to take an adventure into mining on the GPU Miner for Primecoin, it has so far been a fun setup and didn’t take to much, the hardest part was rebooting the computer..

The general process was performed as below on my Ubuntu 12.10 system that had previously been setup for scrypt mining:

These packages I had to install for setting up the reaperprime GPU miner.

sudo  apt-get install -y build-essential cmake libgmp-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev dh-autoreconf pkg-config libjansson-dev

And the rest of it..

cd ~
cd reaperprime/
cd libblkmaker/
make install
cd ..
cp -ia ../Downloads/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz  reaperprime/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz
cd reaperprime/
tar zxvf AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8.1.0-lnx64.tgz
chmod +x
sudo ./

reboot(for some reason my environment params did not update for the compile, even after reconnecting the ssh session, then the PC didn’t want to get booted into the OS without being told!(USB Thumbstick with the OS sometimes sits at grub and ignores the timer.. )

cd ~/reaperprime
mv download  primecoin-0.1.2-linux.tar.gz
tar -zxvf primecoin-0.1.2-linux.tar.gz

From here you can find the primecoin-qt and primecoind files, might want to get your Primecoin address so you can put it in the primecoin.conf file for reaper.. after that you can run the daemon from here

cd ~/primecoin-0.1.2-linux/bin/64
screen -S primecoind

Configure primecoin conf in ~/.primecoin/primecoin.conf, a suggested configuration for a primecoin.conf(if you want you can set the gen value here to true and set a number of cores if you feel like comparing it to the GPU miner, though I’m just checking the GPU):

rpcport=(whatever port you connect to to mine from the reaperconfig)

Some config file examples for the primecoin.conf file that is in the reaper binary directory can found at the bitcoin forums linked below (note this is different than the primecoin.conf for the primecoind daemon).


The system is an AMD Quad Core 3.2 GHz with a measly 7790 and 7850, this is my beater box, fun for playing around on =D. As of yet (3 hours into it I am up to a 7 Chain, interestingly I am still able to mine with cgminer on scrypt, though I only use one device for each mining setup; next I’ll be adding some USB Block Erupters for a scrypt, bitcoin, and primecoin machine simultaneously for 3 separate mining algorithms all on one system. I’ll update if I find anything good. :)

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